Blue Sky Building Supply’s pole or post-frame buildings are designed with over 30 years of engineering and construction experience. What is post-frame design? Wood posts function as support columns in an engineering system of methodically integrated wood-framing components that ultimately reduce construction costs.
At Blue Sky Building Supply, we specialize in planning and design of custom pole buildings. Our durable and attractive structures include storage sheds, storage units, pole-barn construction, commercial and residential buildings, municipal and pavilion buildings, RV storage, agricultural buildings, cattle and equestrian buildings, airplane hangars, and more. We have independent building erection crews available, plus we offer complete, build-it-yourself pole-building packages.
With the versatility of post-frame construction, buildings can be designed to make the best use of the available space, while the adaptability, durability, and low maintenance of them makes today's modern post-frame building the smart choice for residential and commercial buildings.
Stop in today and visit with us about your next project or email customerservice@blueskybuildingsupply.com .