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Homebasix JL-BD-14 Classic Utility Knife Blade Stanley 11-411 Hobby Utility Knife Blade Elmers X202 Xacto Hobby Knife Blades
Homebasix Utility Knife Blade, Classic, Suitable For Use With: Hobby Knife Handles, 0.024 in Thickness, SK2 Alloy Steel Stanley Utility Knife Blade, Hobby, Suitable For Use With: 10-401 Hobby Knives, 0.02 in Thickness, 1-9/16 in Overall Length, For Fine Angle Cutting X-Acto Utility Knife Blade, Medium-Duty, Straight Angle, 1.88 in Overall Length, Carbon Steel, Silver, For Cutting Medium to Heavyweight Material
Elmers X211 Xacto Hobby Knife Blades Xcelite XNB103  Hobby Knife Blades Olfa 9161 All-Purpose Utility Knife Blade
X-Acto Utility Knife Blade, Fine Point, Light Duty, Straight Cut, NO 11, 1.88 in Overall Length, Applicable Materials: Paper, Plastic, Balsa, Carbon Steel, Silver, For Delicate, Precision Cutting, Detailing, Trimming and Stripping Xcelite Utility Knife Blade, Fine Pointed, Replacement, Suitable For Use With: XN100 Hobby Knife, For Most Detailed Cutting and Stripping Olfa Utility Knife Blade, All-Purpose, Suitable For Use With: AK-4 Rubber Grip Precision, AK-1/5B Standard Art Knives, 1-5/8 in Overall Length, Carbon Steel, For Model Making and General Crafts and Hobby etc
Olfa 9167 Precision Replacement Utility Knife Blade X-Acto X231 Utility Knife Blade X-Acto X811 Classic Fine Point Precision Utility Knife Blade
Olfa Utility Knife Blade, Precision, Replacement, Suitable For Use With: AK-4 Handsaver Precision Art Knives, NO 11, High Carbon Tool Steel, 23 deg angle X-Acto Utility Knife Blade, NO 1, Applicable Materials: Soft Wood, Paper and Construction Paper X-Acto Utility Knife Blade, Classic, Fine Point, Precision, NO 11, 0.02 in Thickness, 1.59 in Overall Length, Applicable Materials: Paper, Plastic and Soft Woods, Carbon Steel, Blue/Black, For Delicate, Precision Cutting, Trimming and Stripping