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FatMax 20-220 Multi-Saw SharpTooth 20-221 Mini Utility Saw DeWalt DWHT20542 Multi Grip Saw
FatMax Multi-Saw, FatMax, 5 in Reciprocal/10 in Hack Blade Length, 11 PPI Reciprocal/25 PPI Hack, Cushion Grip Handle, Includes: Reciprocal Blade and Hack Blade, 4-3/4 in L Handle SharpTooth Utility Saw, Mini, SharpTooth, 10 in Blade Length, 2 in Blade Width, 12 PPI, Aggressive Teeth, 15 in Overall Length, Contoured Handle, Hardwood Handle, 5 in L Handle, For Cutting Wood, Plastic, PVC and ABS Piping DeWalt Grip Saw, Multi, DeWalt, 6 in Reciprocal/ 12/10 in Hack in Blade Length, 11 PPI Reciprocal/25 PPI Hack, Cushion Grip Handle, Includes: (1) DeWalt Multi-Purpose Saw, (1) Wood Cutting Blade and (1) Metal Cutting Blade, 6-1/2 in L Handle, For General Contractors Electricians Plumbers and Metal Fabricators
Irwin 2014200 Standard Utility Saw Stanley 15-090 Nest-of-Saws Set ProTouch 2015100 Multi-Saw
Irwin Utility Saw, Standard, Irwin, 11-1/2 in Blade Length, 1 mm Blade Thickness, 10 PPI, Aggressive Tri-Ground Teeth, 16-3/4 in Overall Length, Hardwood Handle, For Carpentry Work Stanley Nest-of-Saws Set, 3 Pieces, Includes: 10 in X 11 TPI Multipurpose Saw Blade For Tight Spaces, 10 in X 9 TPI Non-hardened Keyhole Saw Blade For Cutting Wood, 6 in X 24 TPI Saw Blade For Cutting Metal, 24 TPI, Plastic Handle, 6 in Blade Length, For Cutting Molding, PVC Pipe and Even Green or Wet Wood ProTouch Multi-Saw, ProTouch, 10 in Metal, 5-1/4 in Wood Blade Length, 24 PPI Metal/1 PPI Wood, Ergonomic Handle, For Carpentry Work
SAW JAB FOLDING               General Tools 86014 Saw/Driver Set Lenox 20997TFHS618636 Tri-Fold Saw
Our Price: $18.99
General Tools Saw/Driver Set, General Tools, 14 Pieces, Includes: (3) Saw Blades, (7) Insert Bits, (1) Bit Extender, (1) Hex to Square Adaptor, (1) Holster With Belt Clip and (1) Quick Change Handle, 6 in Blade, 11 in, Black Handle, For HVAC, Electrical and Carpentry Lenox Tri-Fold Saw, Lenox, 6 in Blade Length, 3/4 in Blade Width, 0.035 in Blade Thickness, 10 PPI, Aluminum Frame, Cushion Grip Handle, Rubber Handle, Includes: 636RP Plaster/Drywall Blade and 635R General Purpose Blade, With (2) Blades, For Cutting Metals, PVC, Plastic and Wood
Savage SVK666 Folding Utility Jab Saw FatMax 20-092 3-In-1 Saw Set DeWalt DWHT20123 2-In-1 Folding Jab Saw
Savage Utility Jab Saw, Folding, Savage, 6.02 in Blade Length, Comfort Grip Handle, Includes: (3) Blades, Integrated Utility Knife and Soft Pouch, (2) Cutting Positions FatMax Saw Set, 3-In-1, FatMax, 17 in Length X 6-1/2 in Width Blade, Glass/Nylon Ergonomic Handle DeWalt Jab Saw, 2-In-1, Folding, DeWalt, 5-1/4 in Blade Length, 9 PPI/8 TPI, Tri-Ground Teeth, Stainless Steel Blade, Ergonomic Bi-Metal Handle, Includes: Rasp Blade